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Type IC-Unprocessed Wafer IC-Bumped, Sawn, Framed Strap
IC Supported Standard EPC C1G2 and ISO/IEC 18000-6c
IC Operating Frequency 860-960Mhz
EPC Memory 96 bits EPC user programmable
TID Memory 32 bits factory pre-programmed
Data Retention 10 years at +25°C
Write/Erase Cycles 100000 +25°C preliminary
Operating Temperature -40°C to 65°C (Read), -25°C to +65°C (Write)
Strap Pitch     4.0mm (+0.1mm, -04 mm)
Width of Strap     9.0mm (+/- 0.25 mm)
Material/Thickness 710-740um 150um 50um PET substrate
Quanity >40,000 IC/wafer >40,000 IC/wafer 40,000 per Reel